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Owner Trisha Raich: The Developer

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Building Up Community, One House at a Time

"An original Miss INNdependent, Trisha was unsure of what she wanted to do out of high school but didn’t let that stop her from making her mark in the world and live an independent life."

Trisha at her Refined Lending office in Blaine, MN

Nearly every sector of our infrastructure is taken for granted. This is of course, the way it is designed to be: we drive on our roads to get to places, turn on our faucets to get fresh water and work in buildings that we know are structurally sound without thinking much about it. But what if we pause to wonder about the people that build the communities we live and work in? Who are they? Trisha Raich is changing the landscape of her profession and using her business in construction to strengthen her community.

Trisha is a powerhouse. She is a dynamic mix of Amazon fashion, edgy humor and fierce business skills. She can be found at most meetings with a computer in front of her, clicking away to find key data points about our business, interjecting humor among the information.

Trisha with her husband and business partner, Nate.

An original Miss INNdependent, Trisha was unsure of what she wanted to do out of high school but didn’t let that stop her from making her mark in the world and live an independent life. She earned a degree in Computer Programming by the age of 19 and on the day of graduation was offered a competitive position at Lawson Software that would launch her career in the Software Support world for over 15 years. That led her to become a homeowner by her early 20s.

Today, Trisha is the owner of a successful building and development company, NR Properties, and plays a supporting role at Refined Lending, a mortgage bank, which is owned by her husband. Their sleek office sticks out amidst the suburban landscape of cookie cutter buildings in Blaine. Inside, offices are tucked in neat rows, their common spaces are welcoming and bright, all of it is immersed in clean, modern design elements. All of it is Trisha.

Trisha with her family, daughters Grace and Aly, and husband Nate.

Her love for real estate, entrepreneurship and talent for aesthetics started early. She bought investment homes, fixed them up and then rented them out. Even early on, she held a special attraction for historical homes. She loved the idea of preserving them for a new generation to enjoy.

What started out as small personal projects has turned into a thriving local business, having established four major developments, Meadowlands, Radisson Hills, Jefferson Ridge and Meadowlands West (all located in Blaine, MN). There are few professions that are as male dominated as construction, but women have been a part of her team since day one. Trisha has taken care to foster relationships with women in what have been traditionally male spaces such as plumbing, appliances and flooring. Together, these women in the trades have created beautiful, award-winning homes.

Trisha at The Guest House with family: Daughter Aly, Aunt Clara, Aunt Ione, Trisha, Trisha's Mom Judy, & Aunt Sharon

Throughout her success, she has also prioritized giving back to the community. She served on the board for TPC ROSE for six years as well as been a part of many nonprofit fundraisers. One of her biggest accomplishments is establishing the Raich Family Foundation. The Foundation typically raises $50K+ a year for various causes, like supporting Veteran housing and helping local families pay for medical expenses.

At the heart of Trisha lies her devotion to family. Yes, she is dedicated to her husband Nate and two daughters Grace and Aly, but her care and focus spill out to her extended family and friends. There are often several family members at The Guest House events: aunts from out of state, sisters and cousins, all of which she proudly introduces. And if you ask her who her most inspirational people are in life, the answer won't be a famous business leader—the answer will be her parents. Her dad in particular holds a special place in her heart, whom they lost last year.

Trisha with her dad, Frank Zerwas.

Trisha was born with the willingness to work hard and is open to possibility. She has established herself in a business geared towards men, brought other women in her field alongside her and continues to dedicate herself to family and friends. What will she build up in the next 20 years? Who knows.

But I promise, you'll want to keep track.

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"The Guest House Mission Statement: To build a legacy of memories for others by providing a beautiful and welcoming space for all communities to gather, create and share. "

Mandy Meisner is one of nine women co-owners of The Guest House; A restored Victorian home serving as a vacation rental and event venue in the beautiful city of Excelsior, Minnesota. Walking distance from Lake Minnetonka. This is her first venture as an entrepreneur.

A creative at heart, she graduated from the Perpich Center for Arts Education and continues to be an advocate for the arts, community and philanthropy.

She is a blogger for various syndicates, including the Minnesota Orchestra and has been nationally published. In addition to writing, she enjoys taking ballet classes, cooking and having a glass of wine with friends. She lives in the Twin Cities with her two children.

Mandy is also the Anoka County Commissioner for District 7. She is the first woman to hold this seat and the first person of color on the Anoka County Board.

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